Bedroom Commercial Manchester

Healthcare Specialty Products strives to deliver comfort for its clients recognising that a good night’s sleep in particular is essential for well-being.

Healthcare Specialty Products has a wide selection of bed linen, including polyester cotton muslin sheets and polyester bedspreads along with coverlets made to individual specifications from a selection of fabrics and designs.

Flat and safety sided pressure relief mattresses made from high density foam can be supplied to fit all bed manufacturers’ dimensions.

Quilted and waterproof mattress protectors come in single, double, queen and king sizes

The company presents a range of 100 per cent cotton blankets in various weaves and colours, or polar fleece blankets for extra warmth without weight.

For specific needs, Healthcare Specialty Products also delivers no-lift patient transfer slide sheets.

Dura Therme Pillow

Polar Fleece Blanket


Economy Pillows

Premium Care Pressure Relief Mattress

Sheets and Pillowcase


Slip-Eze Patient Transfer Sheets

Cello Weave Blanket

High Care Pressure Relief Mattress

Fall Out Mattress